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Tableau helps people see and understand their data.


It is the industry leading data visualization tool and one which we love at The Training Lab. Our expert Tableau Coaches come from The Information Lab, a Tableau Gold partner.

Tableau's role based licensing encompasses Creators, Explorers and Viewers. Our courses, for now, focus on Creators and Tableau Desktop in particular. Though we will be developing role-based courses for Explorers and Viewers as well as Tableau Prep and Server courses in the future.




Our Tableau Desktop Courses:

  • Amazing Start in Tableau
  • Improve your Tableau

Amazing Start in Tableau

Our Amazing Start in Tableau Course is designed for anyone who is brand new to Tableau Desktop or has never had any formal training.

This course is designed to give a brand new user of Tableau the best possible start they could have with the tool. It starts with the fundamentals of Tableau, and quickly moves on to exploring the many chart types you can build with Tableau. Simple calculation types are then covered, to give you the ability to ask questions of your data. By the end of the course, you will then be building interactive dashboards which you can publish and share with colleagues.


After this course, you will be able to:


  • Connect to data in Tableau
  • Build a variety of charts
  • Understand how to change all elements of a chart using the Marks Card
  • Perform simple calculations within Tableau
  • Build interactive Dashboards
  • Share Dashboards with colleagues




Improve your Tableau

Our Improve your Tableau Course is designed for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of Tableau and explore more advanced capabilities, allowing you to go further with your analysis.

This course is designed to give someone who already has a good understanding of Tableau a much deeper knowledge of the tool. We start off by exploring how to get more from Tableau by using Sets and Parameters. We will then cover how to combine different data sources using the Tableau Data Model. You will also get detailed lessons on more advanced calculation types so that you can ask more questions of your data. Finally we bring it all together through more advanced Dashboard interactivity such as pop-out charts and sheet swapping using parameters.


After this course, you will be able to:


  • Use sets and parameters to enhance your analysis
  • Combine data from different sources using the Tableau Data Model
  • Perform Joins and Unions within Tableau
  • Use Table calculations and Level of Detail Calculations to go further with your analysis
  • Add more complex interactivity to your Dashboards




Alteryx allows users to "experience faster, smarter data preparation & data blending".

We love using Alteryx. It allows everyday analysts to fast track their data preparation. No longer do you need to do tedious and repetitive tasks in Excel. Complex data prep tasks can now be easily built as workflows using drag and drop, code-free tools. These workflows can be scheduled to run so you can get valuable time back and focus on what matters to you.

We are currently working on our first Alteryx courses. In the meantime, we can still offer our members individual coaching on any Alteryx topics with our team of experienced Alteryx professionals at The Information Lab.


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