Why choose us?

Empower your team by giving them Membership to The Training Lab. Your employees will benefit from learning at their own pace, in the topics that they care about, whilst also benefitting from individual coaching sessions where they can rapidly advance their career.

We believe that coaching and learning in a team is a great way to increase engagement rates. You can purchase packs of coaching credits, which are redeemable by any of your members.

Coaching is great for your Members, as instead of taking classes in large groups, where it is near impossible to cater for all, we allow learners to progress at their own pace, and use individual coaching sessions with experts to target key areas for them.

And best of all - only pay for who uses the platform thanks to our simple, hassle-free usage based pricing. You pre-purchase access credits which can be used by anyone in your team, and they will never expire.


How does it work?

Once you sign up and purchase credits for your team we will open up a sign-up page for your organization. You can then direct anyone in your team to sign up to The Training Lab. When somebody accesses content on our platform over a monthly cycle, they become active and use up one of your monthly active user credits. If you purchase coaching credits, your team can start right away to book 1 - 1 sessions with our team via our online booking system.

If you are on our Enterprise plan, you can then upload your own content to your own custom portal, if you wish. You can also choose to work with our services team to develop your own custom content for your site.

We will provide you with analytics on your members engagement and course progress rates, along with who has been using your Coaching sessions. We will also set you up with an internal company leaderboard, where your team can earn points through completing courses and encourage some friendly competition amongst you.

If you'd like to find out more about Team Membership, or have decided you want to sign up your team, you can email us at or fill out the from below.

What makes our Team Memberships great?

  • Coaching
  • Ongoing Support
  • Analytics
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Customization

Make it Personal

Traditional learning methods are outdated for the modern world. However purely self-paced online courses simply aren't engaging enough to be successful. This is why we want to make coaching sessions available to all of your members.


Your Members will benefit from individual sessions with expert coaches, which they can make their own. No longer does the slowest member of your team get lost and the fastest get bored - instead let them learn at their own pace and let us guide them along their learning pathway with coaching.


Simply purchase coaching credits for your team to share and book sessions when they need them. You only pay for the sessions you need.

Continuous learning and support


Why should learning stop when your training day ends?


With The Training Lab's self-paced learning, your team will benefit from continuous access to learning materials. Continuous assessment also helps make sure learners are on track and pick up on areas that could benefit from Coaching.


Our Modular courses allow your members to learn the content that matters to them. No one should have to sit through boring lecture based classes, or read text heavy documents. Instead, we have developed a engaging blend of interactive, video and question based courses, with hands-on exercises along the way to practice their skills.

A better way to keep track of progress

You should have full visibility over your teams engagement and performance. That is why we have built analytics into our Team Memberships.

As a Team Manager, you will have access to a Dashboard showing how much time each of your employees has spent learning, their scores and course completion rates, as well as who has been using coaching sessions. We believe that by giving you a better view of your learners progress, you can

Pay for only what you use


Why should you have to buy annual memberships for your employees who might only access the platform a couple of times a year?


With The Training Lab's usage-based pricing, you can get the training your team need out to everyone, for an affordable cost. We run a credit based system, where you pre-purchase credits for monthly active users and coaching sessions.


All credits are shareable across your organization and never expire. So you can be comfortable signing up your teams and not worry about role changes in the future.

Custom-Branding and Content


Do you have onboarding content particular to your business and new joiners? You can use The Training Lab to share that content amongst your employees, whilst receive data on who has seen that content.


We will also work with you to rebrand your own custom site so that it fits with your brand and colour schemes.


You are also welcome to work with our services team to help build your own content particular to your business requirements. Just ask us and we'll be happy to help.

What's Included?

Team Enterprise Enterprise + Custom

Number of Members

Less than 50

50 or more

50 or more

Access to all courses online

Team Manager Insights

Monthly Report

Dashboard Access

Dashboard Access

Custom Site for your Organization

+ upload your own content

Create custom content with our services team

Active user per Month Credits




Coaching Credits

€85 per session

Min Purchase 10

€85 per session

Min Purchase 10

€85 per session

Min Purchase 10


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